Natural Boar Bristle Round Brush with Nano Technology for Fast Hair Drying Blowouts & Superb Shine

The 6th Sense Blowout Brush is a no compromise, natural Boar Hair/Nylon bristle mix that does the job on your hair. Our natural boar's hair bristles evenly distribute the scalp's natural oils, so help condition the hair. They also stimulate blood flow, which can also aide hair growth.  

How does it work? Nano Technology renders a nano fine ceramic mixture. That mixture increases the flow of negative ions, the secret to smooth, lustrous hair. The Blowout Brush accelerates drying time and complements your hair dryer and you get the style you dream of!

The blowout is an art form - you’ve got to have the right tools and the know-how. We give you the tools, you supply the know-how and you're off to creating the most beautiful you that’s ever been.