2-in-1 Mini Travel Flat/Curling Iron - Black/Gold

Be ready for the world!

 Our 2-in-1 dual voltage travel flat iron/curling iron combo is just what the stylist ordered. It’s compact, it works on any voltage around the world and gets the job done. It’s also great at home. It’s single temperature – 374 degrees and its got a locking button that allows you to move from curling to straightening in a snap. Its also got a heat resistant carry case that allows you to use it, then pop it into the case and into your luggage or purse for a fast pack up and go.

  • Nano silver and tourmaline technology for glossy and healthy finish
  • Dual Voltage - you can take it anywhere. It will handle voltages in Europe and anywhere in the world. All you need is an adapter.
  • Great curling iron too - just flip the switch and you've got curls anytime
  • 374 Degree constant temperature.1 Inch plate width and 1 inch curler diameter.
  • Safe and fast heating system, ready to use in a few seconds

It’s 11 inches long in the case – just the right size. It can handle 110 – 240 volts with ease, anywhere in the world. All you need is the correct adapter plug for the country you’re visiting. So, be it at home or in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas – anywhere - this iron will get the job done. It’s been around a world a few times and always brings back smiles!

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