Who is this new kid on the block in hair care?
We are 6th Sense Styling Technology. Our business is creating the finest hair care tools on earth. All to make womankind all the more beautiful. We may be a new brand on the block, but we are no strangers to hair care and beauty. We’ve got deep roots in beauty supply and hair care that go back over 50 years. So, we know what creates beautiful hair. And of course being new, our competitive edge is doing everything to make that old ad slogan “We try harder” come true once again. We’ve started our product line with the 6th Sense Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat iron. Our next product, due in September 2015, is a featherweight dryer, handmade in France, that will blow you away with how it leaves your hair.

What are the benefits of The 6th Sense Pro Flat Iron?
Users report uniformly, that the 6th Sense Pro Iron leaves their hair silky and smooth in ½ the time. They report that their style can last all day and that all types of hair are a cinch to handle.

What other products are on the way from 6th Sense?
We have our next product on the way, due out in a few months, a hair dryer, handmade in France that will blow your mind as well as blowout your hairstyle. We are also developing a line of organic shampoo and conditioners as well as more innovative flat irons and hair dryers. What do your customers say about the 6th Sense Professional Flat Iron?

Can you explain the control panel on the 6th Sense Pro Flat Iron?
The diagram below shows you all the features of the iron.

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