Extended Warranty

Dear Customer,

Thank you for responding to our 1-800 number message regarding your Extended Warranty. 

Please enter your best working email address in the form below and your: 

a) Amazon order ID or if purchased on eBay or from our Website, the order number 

b) what the item is. 

We will be informed at cs@6thsense.pro and your extended warranty will be in effect. 

If in the future you have any warranty issues or questions or any problem with your 6th Sense product, email me at cs@6thsense.pro or via the form here on the Contact page of this website, or even via Amazon.

We take care of you like you are family, because you are! So, we want to hear from you. You may think our business is hair tools or other 'things,' but no, our business is a beautiful, happy you. We do whatever necessary to ensure that. Thanks for doing business with us!

Al @ 6th Sense