HAIR GROWTH GUMMY BEAR HAIR NAIL AND SKIN VITAMINS, Sugar Free, Longer, Stronger Hair, Men & Women, Amazing Taste, Natural Ingredients, Scientifically Formulated, Increases Luster & Shine

  • AMAZING TASTE TO MAKE THEM EASY TO TAKE: No yuk taste like normal biotin pills or other vitamins. We’ve formulated a natural fruit flavor that makes taking your vits daily a pleasure! No more forgetting - take 1 in the morning and one in the evening and soon you’ll begin to see the difference.
  • LONGER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER HAIR; Breakage will disappear, unnatural hair loss will be a thing of the past. You’ll start to see hair and nails get stronger and the glow will come back to your locks.
  • LONG GLOWING HEALTHY HAIR is the function of the right nutrients in the blood flow to the hair follicle. Truth be told, if you had the perfect diet, you’d probably not need to supplement it with a vitamin - but let’s be real. Our lifestyles don’t support perfect nutrition, so we’ve formulated our tasty gummy to supply you with the nutrients needed to nourish your hair. And as a bonus, skin and nails also come out beautifully as well!
  • BIOTIN PLUS FULL COMPLEMENT OF SUPPORTING VITAMINS make for the perfect nutritional supply for your hair. Biotin is vital to rapid cell reproduction, making it a valuable tool in hair growth. Biotin reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital part in producing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Biotin also needs other vitamins to work well - we’ve got them all including B complex, C, D3, and E to ensure full balance.
  • AND WE BACK IT ALL UP WITH OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We pride ourselves in our primary focus - YOU. We don’t sell “things.” We are in the business of making your life better - so we bend over backwards to ensure that we have a thrilled customer. If anything ain’t right, we’ll make it right. Just email us via your Amazon account. We will do whatever we need to do ensure your experience is amazing!